KRCI Holds Its Annual Worship Day

Year 2017 is the year of the Lord, and it is declared by Katuwang through setting a day in its first week to praise and worship the Lord. Today, January 6, 2017, all of the Katuwang staff headed to Bacolod City Alliance Church for our Worship day.

This is an annual activity for us to prepare ourselves for the new year. Board of Trustees Secretary, Adolfo G. Gilpo, opened the program with a comprehensive prayer about God’s goodness for the previous year.

Then, Pastor Chester Nemrod Elias of Agape Integrated Ministries shared a message to the staff about how it is to surrender ourselves to the Lord. According to him, it is the Lord who initiates covenants with us, and puts His commitment to it, and lastly, proceeds to consecration or transforming us. Ptr. Elias summarized his message by saying “It is possible to obey without surrender, but you cannot surrender without obedience.

After his message, each branch presented a song or two, and some even prepared a dance number for the Lord. This signifies us giving back our talents and skills to the Lord.

Then, our executive director, Mr. Lawrence N. Ledesma, shared the rationale of why we do a “Worship Day” every start of the year.

And lastly, what serve as the community building activity of the organization is the “Boodle Fight” which was prepared for us to share. =) So we went back to our offices and departments filled not only with the food for our stomach, but also food for our soul. =)

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