Last March 13, 2018, Tuesday, Katuwang staff members with 3 representatives from LISSO’s partnership members – Bantayan and Candoni, together with our 3 Board of Trustees went to Kabankalan to support and be part of LISSO’s Staff House Blessing.

LISSO Kabankalan Staff House

Upon arrival, arrangements fronting the staff house were already set up by Fix N Mix.


The program started around 9 AM which was opened by a simple praise and worship which was lead by Ronalyn Sotana and Ptr. Alvin Bojos. It was then followed by a short message of blessing from Ptr. Jireh Porras.

Praise and Worship
Pastor Jireh Porras

After hearing the Word from Ptr. Jireh, we then had the cutting of the ribbon with 3 of our Board of Trustees – Sir Rafael Catalan, Engr. Narciso San Miguel, and Mrs. Josephine Locsin.

Ribbon Cutting

The cutting of the ribbon was a success! The doors were then opened for the blessing proper which was led by Ptr. Jireh.


Blessing of the House

After blessing proper, a simple celebration was held with delicious food which was also catered by Fix N Mix. The blessing of LISSO’s Kabankalan staff house was a success. Big thanks to the people behind the event.

KRCI and LISSO Staff and Board of Trustees with Bantayan and Candoni representative partners


To more blessings ahead!

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