LiSSo and HSSI – MOA (March 22, 2018)

Last March 22, 2018 (Thursday) was a momentous day for KRCI’s agricultural arm, LiSSo – Livelihood for Spiritual and Social Transformation, Inc. It was on this day where a new partnership was born with HSSI – Hybrid Social Solutions, Inc.

HSSI or Hybrid Social Solutions, Inc. is a company that envisions to end poverty and spur development by enabling all communities to access basic development-oriented goods and services. Their mission is to provide continuous access to high-quality goods and services for basic development by building “hybrid value chains” with like-minded partners.

This partnership aims to:

  1. To properly/officially implement Matthew 5:16 (M5:16) Project under LiSSo.
  2. Target Recipients: Farmers (LiSSo) and Member-partners (KRCI)
  3. To assist non-electrified rural areas by providing solar products ready and affordable to avail.
  4. It will be available to them as an alternative for kerosene/diesel lamps which are expensive and harmful to the environment and their health as these are fossil fuels.
  5. The cost of the product will be amortized so that the farmers and member-partners will not be paying at one time only.

Preparations were made for the said day with Katuwang’s Executive Deirector, Mr. Lawrence Ledesma and LiSSo’s Officer in Charge, Ms. Maria Joviena Ruales, both on board. At 10 AM, Mr. Julius Bautista (Director for Partnerships and Market Development), Mr. Garner Palmero (Regional Director), and Mr. Michael Torres (Global Partnerships Manager for Asia Pacific) arrived at Katuwang’s Head Office. A few minutes later, LiSSo’s Board of Trustees arrived on by one. Detailed discussion of the agreement as well as the products were checked and discussed.

After almost an hour of deliberation, everyone settled into an agreement and the signing of the memorandum occurred.

Everyone congratulated each other afterwards and snacks were served. Friendly discussion about products, future concepts, future services with one another, and some other small talks took place while having the snacks.

At around 12 NN, Mr. Adlfo Gilpo closed the gathering with a prayer. Afterwards, everyone went to have lunch together at Scarborough Seafoods.

It was indeed a remarkable day not only because of the agreement that had occurred, but because of the opportunity to be able to meet people and be in partnership with people wanting to reach out and help communities together.

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