Katuwang Resource Center Inc(KRCI) is now on it’s 15th year! Board of Trustees(BOT) and Staff from different branches celebrated this milestone together with their families at Campuestohan Higland Resort last June 18, 2016 with a theme “Katuwang @ 15! God’s Direction. Our Path”

A short message regarding the history of KRCI and its vision was shared by the Vice Chairperson, Engr. Narciso San Miguel.


Afterwards, an awarding of the winners during our Sportsfest was done with the support of Katuwang’s secretary Dr. Adolfo Gilpo. All the winners were obviously beaming with joy and pride as they received their hard-earned medals and trophies.





A hilarious and inspiring advice about keeping the family together was then shared by Pastor Paquito Padilla. He then promised to share the rest of his advices next year in case he will be invited again.

The executive director, Mr. Lawrence Ledesma prayed for the families present while the chairperson, greeted everyone with a “Happy Anniversary” and again,emphasized that Katuwang is a family.

Before lunch was served, some parlor games were enjoyed by those who participated. At that moment, it did not matter, in what age you’re in, as long as you want a little fun in your life, you’re free to join. =) You may wanna see the pictures to get a little hint of the fun being talked about here.





Then, meals prepared by the different Katuwang branches were shared to everyone, just like what families do–share with and care for each other. =)


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