About Us

KATUWANG is a Filipino word which means “helpmate”. It connotes collaboration of people to work for a common goal. Katuwang creates a ground for collaboration of people who feel the urgency to help people in poverty while practicing biblical truths and principles in addressing the root cause of poverty.

Katuwang Resource Center, Incorporated (KRCI) is a non-stock, not for profit organization, registered at Securities and Exchange Commission in June 2001.



To grow a God-centered community of sustainable entrepreneurs.


Katuwang Resource Center, Incorporated is a Christian, not for profit organization established to glorify God by empowering the entrepreneurial poor for sustainable livelihood.

Empowered and equipped Christian employees contributing to team stability and well being.



Transformational Development

Excellence in All we do

Abounding with the Fruit of the Spirit

Making Disciples

Knowing My Identity With God

Resource Stewardship (People, Planet, Peso)

Commitment to serve the poor

Integrity as lifestyle



1. To instill God and His precepts in the community.

2. To nurture integrity in the management of resources.

3. To adopt prudent management in the provision of microfinance services.

4. To develop entrepreneurial skills and opportunities leading to poverty reduction.

5. To establish effective linkages with partners.

6. To practice and advocate good governance.

7. To assist the entrepreneurial poor to have access to low-cost micro-finance resources and services;

8. To serve as a conduit for micro-savings, micro insurance and micro-enterprise development

for sustainable livelihood;

9. To engage in transformational community development for socio-economic empowerment.