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Alliance of Philippine Partners for Enterprise Development (APPEND)

“The APPEND Network Board, its partners, and management staff believe that the Kingdom of God is a kingdom of expansion and not of limitation. Thus, APPEND plans to grow its client base to more than 5 million poor. This expansion plan is neither for fame nor fortune but for the less privileged Filipino households to experience the fullness of life that God intends for all.

APPEND Inc. was established as a network of microfinance NGOs to mobilize resources and facilitate the growth and viability of its member NGOs using microenterprise development as a strategy. More recently, APPEND has taken and focused more on its mandate in the area of legislation, government policies and advocacy work. This relates specifically to strengthening the social and financial opportunities available to the micro-, small, and medium-enterprises, as well as to the other poor, marginalized and disadvantaged sectors of the Filipino society.”

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Pinoy Ako Insurance Services, Inc. (PAIS)

“Expanding its Microenterprise Development programs by adding micro insurance services, APPEND and eight of its partner organizations founded the Pinoy Ako Insurance Services Inc., a 100% Filipino-owned stock company and was SEC registered on September 19, 2011. Pinoy Ako was created to provide comprehensive, affordable and viable life and non-life insurance services to microfinance institutions’ clients and to other disadvantaged groups in the Philippines, who basically cannot afford the traditional insurance being offered in the market.

Pinoy Ako Insurance Services, Inc., transacts and negotiates with insurance providers on behalf of its partners and clients. Pinoy Ako has partnered with different insurance providers in the country to ensure the needs of its clients with high benefits at a fastest time with least possible premium cost.

In addition, in return to the patronage of the partners to the services of the company, fifty percent (50%) of Pinoy Ako’s income supports the KILOS 2 Education Program of APPEND, realizing its dream of having one scholar per family. This endeavour does not only protect the economic future of its micro entrepreneurs but also secures their ambition of giving their children a better education and a brighter future ahead.”

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Bacolod Credit Management Association, Inc., Inc. (BACREA)


Negros Occidental Provincial Development Council (NOPDC)


Bacolod City Development Council